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MyRugNFT is a no-frills offering of 10,000 unique Ape Rug NFTs available on the OpenSea Platform. The genesis of our rug concept was developed from NFT market scammers that offer big promises but ultimately leave their communities behind. Our goal is to help right the wrong.

Rug holders will have a unique opportunity to pair scammed NFTs and a purchased rug into an inimitable work of art, courtesy of MyRugNFT.

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We're tired of scammers

WHy My Rug NFT?

Many NFTs claim they will be the next BAYC or Crypto Punks, simply to entice people to buy their NFTs. Many times it ends in a scam, leaving a stain on the NFT market and a sour taste of distrust in the consumer's mouth. We don't think that is cool or right.

Our NFTs are extremely affordable, cool and help alleviate the sting from previous NFT scams.


Minting on February 2!


Comfy Rug - Mike

Comfy Rug - Mike

Soaringpine - Aaron

Soaringpine - Aaron

DL Lifestyle - Scott

DL Lifestyle - Scott

Discord Developer
Mizzle - Matt

Mizzle - Matt


Giveaway ROADMAP

10% - Apple Watch Giveaway

5 random My Rug NFT holders will win a Series 7 Apple Watch. Watch will be shipped to address provided by NFT Holder.

25% - iPhone and Air Pods Giveaway

5 random My Rug NFT holders will an iPhone 13 and a pair of Apple Air Pods Pro. Items will be shipped to address provided by NFT Holder.

50% - $10K Donation to Partnerships for Children

My Rug NFT will donate $10,000 to Partnerships for Children, a non-profit organization whose programs support children within the state's (Texas) foster care system.

75% - Etherium Giveaway

5 random My Rug NFT holders will each win $2,000 USD in Etherium.

100% - All-inclusive weekend trip for 2 to Austin, TX + cash AND ANOTHER CHARITY DONATION

3 random My Rug NFT holders will win an all-inclusive trip for 2 people (airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, meals) and $1,000 USD spending cash to Austin, Texas. Winners will have dinner with the My Rug NFT founders and have the opportunity (if they wish) to pitch an NFT idea to the founders who will provide financial backing for the project.


We will also be donating another $10,000 to Partnerships for Children.

My Rug NFT YouTube Videos ON YOUTUBE


NFT's (non-fungible tokens) are essentially unique, digital assets - in the form of images, video and audio files.  

MetaMask is an Etherium wallet that you use to purchase NFTs built on the Etherium Blockchain.  You need this to purchase our NFTs.  If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, you can create and download a wallet at

You can purchase Etherium on a cyptocurrency marketplace.  The most popular marketplaces are Coinbase , and FTX.  You can even buy crypto via Paypal and many other marketplaces.

Once you purchase Etherium, you can transfer to your MetaMask wallet to purchase NFTs.

We have a total supply of 10,000 rugs with attributes.

Minting opens to the public on February 2nd.  You can mint your rug here on our website.

We've done our best to make these NFTs extremely affordable.  The base price is .014 Etherium.

Please check our Giveaway Roadmap for a list of checkpoints and corresponding giveaways.

We loathe scammers!  Send us a copy of your rug along with an NFT in which you were scammed and our artist will create you a cool custom piece of art that incorporates both items.  



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